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COVID Guidelines 

Highlands is committed to the safety of all our campers, guests and staff. We will continue to follow Covid guidelines as directed by Boulder County Public Health and adjust our policies as necessary.   


Highlands Staff will continue to monitor the health status of all employees. 


Highlands will continue a high level of cleaning and sanitization in all areas.

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It is the responsibility of group leaders to:

  • Request that anyone who is ill does not come to Highlands.

  • Notify Highlands if someone in the groups gets sick with Covid 19 within 48 hours of departure from Highlands.

This information will be communicated to group leaders via email by Highlands Staff.

Current Covid restrictions:

  • Boulder County no longer has mask mandates, nor any other restrictions, in place however, the county continues to encourage wearing masks.

Highlands’ staff will wear masks if requested by guest groups to do so.

Meeting and Dining Space:

  • Dining rooms will be set per guest group direction. As groups are determining the setup we encourage leaders to consider leaving as much distance as possible between tables.



  • Retreat Center rooms may be booked to the capacity of the room, though we recommend no more than 4 people per room.

  • Guest group leaders will determine how many people will stay in each room.

  • Cabins may be booked to maximum occupancy.

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