Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2022

We are excited to be able to provide a full schedule of camp experiences for the Summer of 2022.  We know that COVID has been a tough time for families over the past two years, so we are doing all we can to provide plenty of meaningful and affordable experiences for campers of all ages – elementary, mid high, senior high, and adults.

2022 Theme: Living Life to Its Fullest!

Experiential learning will be a key for campers of all ages as we explore:

  • Love of Creation

  • Respect for Other People

  • Forgiveness & Grace

  • Living Life to Its Fullest


In addition to all of our camp activities and opportunities for worship and learning, campers of all ages will participate in a service project. Campers of all ages will also have environmental education experiences that will help them grow in awareness of how they can love and care for God’s creation.

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Downloadable Documents

More information? Call us (303) 747- 2888 or email info@highlandscamp.org

General Forms

Must be completed for each camper 

Must be completed by a Health Care Professional for each camper NOT attending with an adult

 Camper may use the form given to them by the Health Care Professional 

Must be signed by the participant and Adult/parent/legal guardian 

To be completed by an adult/parent/legal guardian attending with at least 1 other camper

Other Forms and Letters

Documents for Adventure camps will be sent prior to the start date for the camp.