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Each year, Highlands receives generous gifts from individuals and congregations to support the life and ministry of Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center!  These gifts are vital to our ongoing operation, allowing us to underwrite the cost for every camper who attends summer camp, as well as provide scholarships for those with special needs.  These gifts have also made many special projects possible. 


The generosity of our donors enables us to meet our monthly mortgage interest commitments as well as make principal payments to reduce our debt.  Generous donors have also provided new equipment for maintenance, Summer Camp and guest use. 


We recognize our donors as one expression of our deep gratitude for your commitment to and support for Highlands.  The ministry of Highlands has been built on the generous gifts of time, talent, and financial resources! If you would like to make a donation, please send it directly to Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center.  To make a donation by credit card, please call 303-747-2888. Thank you for your support!

The Mount Meeker Society

Members of the Mount Meeker Society are those who haven given $1000.00 or more annually to Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center.  Each year in March, we hold a dinner celebrating these donors and the accomplishments their gifts have made possible during the past year.  We are grateful to those donors who are able to make such a gift in support of Highlands!

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