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Classroom Called Nature

Environmental and Experiential Education for Schools

The Setting

Highlands has 285 acres between the elevations of 8200 to 9400 feet. The meadows, steams, pond, and cliffs offer targeted highlights of Colorado’s Montane ecosystem, and glimpses of the Foothills Ponderosa Pine Woodlands life zone below. Those hiking Three Crosses can even get a sampling of the of Colorado’s subalpine biome. We have miles of circuit trails offering whole ranges of environmental experiences

The facilities

Highlands has year-round lodging and meeting spaces for school groups up to 120. Please come schedule a tour!

At this time – we can offer custom tailored programs for schools one class at a time (up to 25 students). Further, we can offer program support and training for school groups of all sizes.

Experiential Learning Associates offers a whole range of fully staffed programming

Environmental Education Courses (from Highlands)

Pond and Stream comparison study (or either individually)

Tree study

Geology – Moving Mountains

Making Tracks

Predator Prey simulation

Adventure Education

Rock Climbing

Team building – course

Team building – anywhere

Cooperative Challenges

Survival Skills

Math and or Technology

Orienteering 1 – Secrets of the Mountain

Orienteering 2 – Which way?


Interactive Social Studies

Civilizations and geography

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