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Food Service, Banquets, Snacks and Dining

Highlands is pleased to offer hearty meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 


Start your day with a hot breakfast or a selection of cereals and yogurt.

Then, at lunch and dinner, enjoy a fresh salad and a variety of freshly prepared entrees and desserts.


banquet and event menu is also available to groups that would prefer catered service.  Highlands' slow-roasted prime rib is a guest favorite, and other delicious options are also available for you to select from.

Whether you're having a wedding, anniversary, birthday celebration, or just a special meal while on retreat, our banquet menu provides a delicious selection of appetizers, beverages, entrees, and desserts.


Highlands has a no alcohol policy.  Exceptions to this policy are made only after an alcohol exception has been requested and approved by a review committee. 

Breakfast - biscuts and gravy.jpg

Groups frequently ask if they may provide their own snacks.


Here are our snack guidelines:

  • Our self-serve beverage bar is open at all times gor guests. 

  • No food preparation is permitted in the meeting rooms, and use of appliances that require an electrical supply (i.e. coffee pots, slow cookers, etc) is not permitted.

  • All snacks must be non-perishable items. No foods requiring preparation, refrigeration or heating are permitted unless food is properly stored and served in a housekeeping cabin.

  • Non-perishable, purchased snack foods and beverages that do not require refrigeration or heating are permitted in the retreat center meeting rooms.

  • Approved snacks include: individual pretzels, chips, crackers, popcorn, peanuts, and candy packages, whole fruit, soda, and bottled water. 

  • All incidental items, including paper plates, napkins, and cups should be provided by the group leader or should be arranged for in advance with our kitchen staff.    

We would be delighted to provide snacks for your group.  Highlands offers a variety of items for snack breaks.  These items may be arranged for up to 2 weeks prior to your retreat by contacting group reservations.

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