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Camper Scholarships

If one were to do a price comparison of similar summer camps in the Rocky Mountain region, one would soon discover that Highlands is surprisingly much more economical than our other friends in camping ministry.  But why is this so?  It certainly isn’t because we cut corners in programming or staff – because we hire a highly qualified staff that facilitates a top-tier camping program.  So, if Highlands is not cutting programming corners, why is the price of camp so reasonable? 

Ultimately, the reason why Highlands Summer Camp costs less than others around us is because caring donors recognize that the camp experience is invaluable, and desire that no one should be denied the Highlands experience due to cost.  In reality, it costs more to operate Highlands Summer Camp than what our camp fees provide, thus our caring donors and supporters actually help subsidize (somewhat substantially!) the cost of summer camp.  In addition, the scholarship monies we award on top of the camp subsidy ensure that no child – no matter what financial situation they come from – will be unable to come to camp due to cost!  
At Highlands, we are committed to making certain that cost never prevents a child from coming to camp! We are grateful to all of those families and individuals who realize the value of the Highlands experience and help to make camperships available!  


If you would like to contribute to the Highlands Campership Fund,
please send all donations to Highlands Presbyterian Camp & Retreat Center, call us at (303) 747-2888.

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