2018 Leadership Event

Sponsored by Denver Presbytery in partnership with

the Presbytery of Plains and Peaks

& the Omaha Theological Foundation


Worship—how we practice it holds us together,
unifies us, and challenges us to be open to the family of God.

November 9-10, 2018

FEATURING • Rev. Jana Childers, PH.D., Dean of San Francisco Seminary,
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Homiletics & Speech Communication.

Cost            $90—Lodging & Food
                  $45—Day Rate, No Lodging
                  Group discounts & scholarships available 
Agape as Unifier
Holy Spirit to go between us & bind us together
Practices we do in and beyond worship to be open to people with different points of view.
Plus: Worship Wiki-Why we do what we do in worship & what are some different ways to do it.
BENEFITING Pastors, Musicians, Educators, Leaders of your congregation—Elders, Deacons, & Others. Especially members of your Worship Committee


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